. 3:22 am

As I sit propped up on our thankfully comfortable couch (insanely comfortable actually..just ask the ladies of book club “the Bookworms”) I think about how incredibly different this time of night or morning is for each individual and want to share what most of my dark nights at 3:22 am sound, smell, and feel like. I mean why not? It’s not like I’m sleeping anyway right?!


My “sleep” playlist fades from The Greatest Showman’s “A Million Dreams” to “Let Me Go” by Stephanie Rice. The couch and Dog (our gentle giant French mastiff) are illuminated by the light of a muted Moana on the living room TV while little human sits at my feet whining because we are out of her favorite doughnuts, her most favorite late night/early morning snack. I smell the scent of the salty potato chips she’s been munching on mixed with the lavender smell of my blanket. I hear a faint song from Sophia the First playing from her TV in the background as well as Dog’s snores not to be overshadowed by Husband’s snores! I feel the breeze from sitting directly under the ceiling fan and can hear the air conditioner shut on and off. Little human needs more juice.. Splash Water in Berry flavor is her current favorite, can’t complain there I guess. “Let Me Go” fades into “Never Be Enough” as Moana silently sings “How Far I’ll Go” on the screen. :: AC clicks on :: Little human has finally found her Elmo keys (they mysteriously appeared from the depths of her bed) and is going crazy, spinning and shaking them as of she’s never seen them before. I feel the slightest rumble from Dog as he chases something in his dream & get a whiff of the air fresher we have.. Gain Moonbeam something.. it’s Febreze (store brands just REALLY don’t work like good ol’ Febreze plug in’s)- and cue Pink’s “Glitter in the Air” as I refill chips. WE WERE VOYAGERS!! (one of my favorite parts in Moana..) just flashed across the silent screen and I smile to myself because only a parent knows kids movies better than their kids do. :: AC clicks off :: & whiff of lavender from the blanket- I reach up and rub my eyes as I wipe away the sleep crusties that had, in vain, started to form. A little girl climbs in my lap as I softly remind her not to hurt mommy’s tummy (had hernia surgery 2 weeks ago & MY GOD was it awful.. I’m still hurting) as she coughs in my face and remind me “juice pweeze.” Hei Hei just fell off the canoe for the first time, “why don’t we rewrite stars, say you were made to be mine. Nothing could keep us apart, you were the one in was meant to find!!” fills my ear as Sophia sings something with Clover. ::AC on :: it’ll go on like this for another hour or so.. refilling juice and saying “no more snacks” while my playlist switches from Pink to Adele and back to The Greatest Showman with various artists thrown in to round it out. The smell of lavender and moonbeam something mixed with chips and the smell of my shampoo as my hair blows into my face from the fan. :: AC off :: snores come from the bed and other end of the couch as Maui mouths “Thank You” on the silent screen. Just as Moana will be wrapping up and my “sleep” playlist replays for the 2nd or 3rd time, little human will start to wear herself down. She’ll come ask for one more snack and cuddle up to me as she whines when I say no. Somewhere around 5 she’ll fall asleep amidst the couch shaking from Dog’s dreams, snores, Sophia singing something again, as the credits roll silently.. And I’ll hold her for a sweet few minutes then scoop her up and into bed as I restart my playlist from the beginning and crawl into bed again myself. For now, I’ll listen to Hugh Jackman & Zac Efron singing and think how hot they both are for entirely different reasons & hear the AC turn off and on as I wait for the sounds and smells and feelings of my current life at 3:22 am to fade into tomorrow.

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