.THAT little girl

To the lady in the check out line..

I heard you tell your daughter “thank you for not acting like THAT little girl.” well, let me tell you something about “that” little girl.. my little girl.

THAT little girl has more spunk and adventure inside of her than your little girl could even dream of.

THAT little girl has overcome more obstacles and broken down more barriers in her 5 years on this earth than your little girl could even begin to tackle.

THAT little girl has a heart bigger than you could even begin to understand.

THAT little girl fights everyday for every single word and emotion and task that comes so easily to your little girl.

THAT little girl is the absolute light of my life in a way that you will never have the pleasure of knowing.

THAT little girl is loud and obnoxious and spontaneous and 5.. THAT little girl is JUST 5 years old & doesn’t know that people like YOU even exist.

THAT little girl isn’t aware of the whispers or stares as she melts down in the check out line because she is in sensory overload.

THAT little girl doesn’t understand how hurtful those words and not so quiet whispers are to those of us that are just doing our best to raise her to be a successful little human.

THAT little girl, who doesn’t have an ounce or meanness or hatefulness in her heart, doesn’t understand how rude it is that YOU as an adult are judging her without knowing her.

THAT little girl who is screaming for her Guppy or Paw Nick or Elijah doesn’t understand the social norms and cues like others her age, but that doesn’t make her bad.

THAT little girl lights up an entire room like your little girl never will.

THAT little girl may not understand the stigma that surrounds her and her diagnosis, but I do. I pray everyday that people like YOU will wake up one day and realize that kids like THAT little girl need just as much love and understanding and grace as every other little human out there.

and just for the record.. I will take THAT little girl, MY little girl with her tantrums and meltdowns and screams and smiles and giggles and “I wuvs you’s” over your little girl any and every day of my life.

To all the other parents out there reading this, thank you for not being THAT parent.

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