.the good things

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the hard and frustrating things that we forget the good and precious things about our SN child. Today I am sharing the good and great things about my little human.

-she is always smiling

-she is the happiest child you will ever meet

-she lights up a room

-to know her is to love her

-everyone that meets her loves her

-she is extremely friendly and says “hi” to everyone that passes

-she is the cutest and most precious little girl

-she is feisty

-she is determined

-she is fearless (sometimes a little too fearless!)

-when she sets her mind to something, she does it

-she loves her therapists

-she goes with the flow when things change

-she is awesome when we have to go in for more testing

-she enjoys being in her car seat

-she is not picky about her food, but she has her favorites

-she sleeps in her own bed

-she loves to hold hands

-she loves to cuddle in my lap

-she loves to learn and tries so hard at anything she is doing or learning

-her laugh is contagious

-she let’s us brush her hair and asks to brush ours

-she puts herself to bed

-she loves to clap and dance

-she enjoys going grocery shopping and being in the front buckled in

-she loves her Guppy, Nana, Paw Nick, Elijah, and Uncle Koy with her whole heart

-once you’re in her life, you’re in it forever

-she is the light of our lives even on the hardest of days

When you’re in the throws of a hard day, take a few minutes to think of or write down the good things about your child, even if it’s only a few. I have found that it changes your perspective from frustration to love. Your child is not trying to make you mad or frustrated, they are communicating in the only way they know how. if you can remember that, you’re already in a better place.

What are the good things about your child?

One thought on “.the good things

  1. This little sweet child is my Grandaughter. I love her more than words can ever say. She is all her mom said and more. Fenway literally rolls across and through my mind numerous times every day. She loves and lives life. Her giggle is so infectious. She laughs with her whole self. She has a 12 year old cousin, Sean. Sean is a high functioning autistic smart as a whip young man. I have to look up words he uses only to find he has used said word correctly. He us off of all medication and his actions and reactions are completely changed. He is a different child. Off the meds he now reads. Oh my, the things he can experience just by reading. Sean is still yelled at by people that are supposed to love and care for him. He is still bullied and made fun of and that makes me want to tear up the world but my point is, simetimes the medicines that are given to a child with an already altered brain, if you will, only makes it worse, not better. Im no Dr so all I know is what I see first hand and Sean is better with no drugs. Fenway and Sean have my whole heart. I love them so so much like I do all my Grandchildren. So kind, loving, giving. Two of my many loves.


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