.for you

love is a fickle thing.  it bring happiness and it brings pain, and it keep you dancing in the rain.

a love so deep, a love so wide, you said you’d always be on my side. when things get hard you don’t confide.

you are the drug that I can’t quit. our perfect chaos is a perfect fit

a love so deep like caverns floor. you’re the one that I adore.

there’s comfort and there’s space. you bring me in, then make me chase.

a love so strong, a rope that binds. do you see me when I cry?

you have joy and I have pain. it is my heart that you did claim.

no one else will ever be. your the only one for me.

a love so crazy and so gigantic.  in the dark there’s comfort in the panic.

you keep me swinging not letting go. my eyes are open, my heart, my soul

When things get hard you run and hide. i will seek and I will find. you in the the darkness broken down. sometimes it takes me to the ground

hold on tight and don’t let go. we have to go like the river flows

a love so deep a love so bright. the wandering that keeps me up at night.

wandering and wondering what’s going on . my loyalty strong to the ties that bond.

You are my heart you are my soul. Know that I won’t let go.


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