. my tribe

so there is a saying in most child rearing .. “it takes a village.” Well, in my world it takes a tribe. Not the kind of tribe one would think of, not so much a tribe to help raise my SN child, but more of a tribe to replenish my soul once a month. My tribe comes in the form of my book club ladies.. we have deemed ourselves “reading between the wines” and my “the book worms.” Whatever we are called makes no matter to me, because these women help me make it through some tough times. They give me hope that my journey is not alone and in vain. They remind me on a sometimes daily basis that ALL parenting can be a hard road to navigate and that we can’t do it alone. Today I want to lay homage to those that are outside of our every day circle, those that help keep us sane. Those that, in their own small way, help to maintain motherhood in a normal and happy sense because we know that no matter what, we are not on our own. Although they may not share our space as a SN parent, although some do, they are parents themselves and thus on the same journey as we are in that. So, to my tribe and fellow bookworms.. Stephanie, Alyssa, Sarah, Alysa, Savannah, K’Leeh, Kristen, Kaleigh, and Haleigh – Thank you beyond what I am able to say. Thank you for the laughter, the games, and the comradery that you give me on our evenings together. From the love of Gilmore Girls to the sharing of wine, drinks, and stories.. I could not be the mother that I am without all of you. Know that each of you shine in your own way and with your own light and I call myself lucky to have each and every one of you in my life, regardless of how our friendship came about.

For those other SN parents out there, find your tribe. Find those people who will love you for who you are and meet you wherever you are in your life. My tribe takes me and each other for who we are and whatever crossroads we may be in our lives. We have cried together and laughed together. We started from a group of 2 to now a group of 9 unbelievable women and personalities. We are all of different ages and in different stages of our lives, and yet we are all the same in seeking out that human connection. We have somehow found it in each other. Ours happens to be over books, dill pickle ranch pizza, and wine/beer/cranberry vodka/other but it can be over anything. Books, coffee, sports, beer, children.. anything really. I try to make sure I can make my once a month book club meeting. sometimes it’s just a good time and sometimes it’s a life line that keeps me pushing forward to the next day and week and month. Regardless of who we were in our past, we are now strong women going forward together in a world full of chaos. Some days I feel bogged down in this life and others I am lifted beyond what I thought I could be, tonight has been one of those nights when I have laughed and giggled and had such great conversation that I can’t be anything but thankful for the women in my life that I call my friends and fellow bibliophiles – love you all

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