. all the little things

-it’s the little moments that make life big …


sometimes when parenting is really hard and a day (or week) is particularly tough, we have to stop what we’re doing exactly where we are and think about all the little things that make our life great.  Sometimes you may can only think about 2 or 3 things and sometimes you can think of 20.  Regardless of the number, there are ALWAYS great little things going on in your life that you can embrace and even look forward to. Even though today has been a good day for us (knock on wood) I am going to share some of our “little things” from today.

. Little human LOVES her homemade crash pad.   It’s just our couch cushions piled up on the floor that she can crawl on and jump into.  She squeals with delight every time she launches herself onto it or accidentally falls over them.  It keeps her entertained for a full minute or 2 and that in itself is a big deal.

. She had a good day at therapy today & I am going to be able to get some verb cards made up to work on wit h her.

. Today is Wednesday so that means that I have new episodes of The Resident, 911, and The Good Doctor waiting for me on Hulu.

. Tomorrow is Thursday & that means a new episode of Grey’s!

. We are looking forward to play a play date with our therapy friends (and moms) on Friday.

. It has been raining FOR DAYS and I absolutely LOVE the rain.  It also means that our cool fall weather is here to stay (knock on wood) – it also means that little human can go out and stomp in the mud and water to her hearts content.

. Little human has started to like other shows BESIDES mickey mouse! Where that may not seem like a big deal to some, I was about to lose my fucking mind if I had to hear one more round of the hot dog song!

. As little human is playing on her crash pad, she is saying and waving “hi & bye bye” to the Firetruck, Policeman, swimming pool, & daddy on the tv.  Again, this may not seem like a big deal to some, but to us it is progress.  Not only is she saying hi and by appropriately, but she is also remembering and recalling what specific items and people are, even if it’s just on tv.

. 4lb bag of candy corn pumpkins.. enough said

. 2lb bag of twizzlers.. also enough said

. “pumpkin spice” guinea pig video.  My most favorite youtube/facebook video of all time! I’ve posted the link here. You’re welcome!

. Spotify actually ran through most of my playlist before playing a totally irrelevant “you may like this” song.

. it is the season of Hocus Pocus, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Casper, & Halloweentown

. The Red Sox are in the playoffs

. Eggnog

. The smell of fireplaces blazing & bonfires at night

. little human asking for specific foods at appropriate times and saying “please” after asking for said items.

. that Hulu has The Wiggles & that little human asks to sing & act out “hot potato”

That is my “little things” list for today.  Tomorrow or next week it could be completely different.  Today I will let these little things be enough and be focused on them instead of all the things that could make me anxious or aggravated.  Today I will choose being content and comfortable in all the little things.

What are your little things that make up your life and that of your little human?


One thought on “. all the little things

  1. These little things are so huge. You all amaze me. So proud of the progress she is making. My Great Granddaughter is so so precious. She has my heart. You all do.


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